This event has already happened.

Oakmont Lanes Bowling Club is a Bowling League consisting of four-person teams, 6 teams at 1:30pm and 6 teams at 3:15pm, that utilize Nintendo Wii to simulate the experience of bowling without the weight of a bowling ball. Any resident who has the ability of holding a small remote control in their hand while swinging their arm as if to roll a bowling ball will be able to join.

We will meet on Jun 29 at the East Rec Center, 1:30pm and 3:15pm Leagues to sign up your teams/substitutes and practice bowl 3 games. All new bowlers/substitutes are welcome as there will be team openings at both 1:30pm and 3:15pm Teams. We will start a 1:30pm and 3:15pm League on Jul 6 and bowl Jul 13 and 20, no bowling Jul 27 (fourth Tuesday). We bowl the first, second and third Tuesdays of every month, no bowling on fourth Tuesdays, we do bowl on fifth Tuesdays. Everyone please bring your vaccine cards to verify you are fully vaccinated in order to join.

Anyone interested in joining our Club, please call Terry Leuthner, 707 291-3023, or stop by the East Rec Center on Tuesdays between 1:30-4:30pm to see us in action. See for Club information and schedules. Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 29.

Terry Leuthner, Oakmont Lanes President