Will Movie Theaters Survive the Pandemic with Ky Boyd


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What could be more American than hots dogs, popcorn and going to the movies?? We can all remember the excitement of standing in lines that wound around the corner to see some of our favorite movies. Going to the movies has been a part of our lives. But no one has been going to the movies during the Pandemic. No one. Will they still be there when the Pandemic is over? One of our favorite speakers, Ky, will talk to us about the challenges.

Born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, Ky is the proprietor of Rialto Cinemas. He operated the much beloved Rialto Cinemas Lakeside location on the East side of Santa Rosa from January 2000 until August 2010. Rialto Cinemas relocated to Sebastopol in May 2012 after almost two years as a pop-up theater operation.