• John Brodey

The post-Holiday blues are upon us. January is the longest month despite the shortest days. As Californians we are subject to SAD (seasonal affect disorder) and listening to the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” over and over just doesn’t quite cut it. We are, as they say, in the dead of winter. Okay, compared to any South Dakotan we are merely having a chilly summer, but the general gloom is intensified by the sudden disappearance of parties, visiting friends, the lights, cheer and of course…the egg nog. In general, everyone has seen the last of comfort food and over- indulgence. Our earthly pleasures are completely stripped away from us in a flash and it seems as though we have suddenly found ourselves living in a monastery. I know people who give up everything for the month: no wine, carbs, remaining chocolate Santa’s and all forms of sugar. My body can’t handle going cold turkey, literally. This abrupt life style change certainly adds to the melancholy.

But have no fear; the Valley of the Moon Rotary Club is here to help. Our annual Crab Feed is in early February, Feb. 16th to be exact. It is our contribution to community mental health: an antidote, if you will, for the forced isolation and gloom that accompanies January. Ours’ is a celebration of community and doing good works. But we do it with flair and fun. I guess you could call it a Mardi Gras theme because the color purple is not considered an interior décor theme anywhere else except Prince’s old house.

But the star of the show is the FRESH Dungeness crab. It makes our Feed unique. Nothing’s too good for our guests. We have a great deal on cocktails and wine at our Rotary bar and you can wander the tables of silent auction and raffle items to your heart’s content. Our live auction puts the ‘L’ in live with our auctioneer extraordinaire. This year’s auction items will include vacation packages, tours and area events.

The Feed is our principle fund raising vehicle of the year and it is vital to our support of so many worthwhile organizations and causes, all of which are four star rated. We can use your help. Your presence is most important, but tickets are going fast. We love seeing new faces as well as those of our regulars. For your tickets, contact us at valerie.hulsey@yahoo.com or ask any Rotarian. Tickets are $60 per person. We also welcome any additional auction items, many of which do come from our friends and attendees.

It is a lively get together and a lot of fun. It’s also a great way to flip the switch and put January behind us. So shake of the chill and join us for a celebration of the true meaning of giving.


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