Women’s 18-Hole Golf 9-1-2019

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By Debbie Warfel

OWGS: SWEEPS RESULTS: 8/6/19 – EAST Course/Any 9 holes-Game. Kris Peters and Joan Seliga were the low gross winners of the field of 30 players.

First Flight: first, Kathy Mokricky; second, 3-way tie, Sallie Wood, Joan Seliga and Kathy Faherty; fifth, Chris Carter; sixth, Kris Peters.

Second Flight: first, Susan Porth; second tie, Mary Ann Gibbs and Michele Yturralde; fourth tie, Laurie Vree and Becky Hulick.

Third Flight: first, Susan Hazelwood; second, 3-way tie, Patti Schweizer, Vanita Collins and Tammy Siela; fifth tie, Charlene Buchold and Debbie Warfel.

OWGS: SWEEPS RESULTS: 8/13/19 – Sue Treleaven was the low gross winner of the field of 29 players.

First Flight: first, Joan Seliga; second tie, Eileen Beltrano and Kathy Faherty; fourth, Sue Treleaven; fifth tie, Kathy Mokricky and Kris Peters.

Second Flight: first, Jan Buell; second tie, Chris Carter and Susan Porth; fourth tie, Mary Ann Gibbs and Becky Hulick.

Third Flight: first, Piilani Edwards; second, Charlene Buchold; third, Patti Schweizer; fourth, Mary Jobson; fifth, Christie Rexford.

OWGS Members: Hope you all enjoyed the General Meeting on the 27th. September 10th will be a play day following the TOWGC’s Club Championship 2nd day.

TOWGC: SWEEPS RESULTS: 8/8/19 – Sue Clark was the low gross winner of the field of 16 players.

First Flight: first tie, Sue Clark and Joan Seliga; third, K.C. Cote (Red/Yellow); fourth, Eileen Beltrano.

Second Flight: first, Michele Yturralde; second tie, Nancy DeSousa and Patti Schweizer; fourth tie, Becky Hulick and Vanita Collins.

TOWGC Members: The General Meeting with food was on 8/22; hope you were able to attend. The Club Championship will begin on 9/5, followed by 9/10 and concluding on 9/12. Wishing all participants good luck and lots of fun. Featured in our NCGA Golf Summer Publication, page 60, were Mattie Rice and Sue Clark. They participated in the WGANC 2-person scramble 1 Championship at Silver Creek Valley Country Club and were Flight B Gross winners – congratulations. At the 8/13 Home and Home in Santa Rosa, Sue Clark and Jeanne Estes were golfers in the 4-some that won the tournament.