Well, it’s official: traditional Olympic hand-wringing over bathing suits that beach volleyball players wear to play volleyball has been resolved, at least for now. But, closer to home, here’s another potential controversy: what is the approved wear for OHI participants? What athletic apparel is best for exercising? During months of Zoom, many revealed pj’s or baggy sweat worked just fine. Sharon Milley said she zoomed in without her video, but didn’t elaborate on her attire. She also said she will welcome back the Zoom alternative. Maureen Middlebrook doesn’t comment on clothes either but says she exercises because “I want to keep all the parts moving and continue to have energy” She says she loves JoRene’s class and claims she “feels like a million bucks” (when she exercises.) Neither commented about the requisite OVA required mask apparel.

Since the opening of Berger Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes, work-out outfits vary. One thing is for sure: all participants dress for safety, specifically masks on faces and appropriate shoes on feet. Is there spandex? Is there a sweat pant or two? Could one find a bathing suit peeking from a pair of shorts? Yes, yes and yes. In other words, any hand-wringing over the OHI work-out clothes is for naught. The purpose is to work the body, mind and social contacts. If wearing pj’s is the question, well, perhaps Zoom class will be the answer.

Regardless of where participating, all participants should check with doctor before beginning any program of vigorous exercise.


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