Workshop Specifics

Last Updated: 10-01-18

(for those coming to tomorrow’s workshops)

This is a message to those planning to attend tomorrow’s workshop; others need not read what follows.

The workshop agenda calls for a committee report, open forum and board/community discussion for each of the two workshop topics. All of these are important, but the workshop format purposely emphasizes the board/community discussion.

To that end, we’ll streamline the committee reports and open forum. Committee reports will be short and to the point. And, to ensure everyone may be heard, we’re going to limit open forum comments to two minutes each. Everyone will be able to speak once on the dog park issue and once on the golf club issue.

In recent board meetings, we’ve been a bit liberal about open forum timing. Tomorrow, we’ll let you finish your sentence, but that’s it. Please plan accordingly. Shooing you away from the podium is not our favorite thing to do and it’s probably not yours either.

It serves no one to hear the same arguments from multiple people. Flooding the podium with people who will all say basically the same thing is NOT a winning strategy. Instead, send one person to the podium to state your case and add that you’re speaking for X number of others from whom you’ve received specific commitments.

Put yourselves in our place. Even if we hear from 50 people who think the same thing, there are 4,700 people in Oakmont. Our responsibility is to do the right thing for the community. Yes, we listen hard to your input, but the right thing may still be something other than what 50 residents want.

Some of you have given us advance “indications” of how you feel about these issues. Thank you for those. During open forum, please focus on NEW ideas.

Finally, although a general open forum is required, the issues we’re dealing with are so important that we hope you’ll wait to speak during the open forums associated with the particular topic in which you’re interested. This will ensure the best use of everyone’s time.

Tomorrow’s sessions will be recorded. The dog park item will occur between approximately 1:15 and 3 and the golf club issue will be addressed from approximately 3:15 to 5. We’ll break from 3 to 3:15.

To best serve us all, let’s be civil, constructive and productive.

Click Here For The Workshop Agenda