Berger Action Committee (BAC)


The Berger Action Committee (BAC) is authorized by the OVA Board of Directors and will serve at the pleasure of the Board.


This Ad Hoc Committee is created for the purpose of evaluating, developing, and recommending to the OVA Board of Directors a successful improvement plan for the Berger Center.  The Committee will utilize the deliverables from the Berger Improvement Committee, the Central Projects Committee, and Structural/Engineering/Architectural Analyses completed previously.  The Committee will also be responsible for defining required budgets, timeline, schematics, renditions, and other project resource needs to allow for a final decision by the Board of Directors on project options for the Berger.

Deliverables (not listed in chronological order)

  1. Recommendation of process/methodology for proceeding with project and implementation of methodology to follow
  2. Schematic(s) of hugely flexible space(s)
  3. Recommendations of actions and presentation of realistic Budgets for resources required to complete each option; options include new building versus extensive renovation of current building
  4. Project Plan/timeline inclusive of possible phasing to reduce impacts
  5. Recommend Contractors/Consultants using methodology selected. It is preferable to have a minimum of two consultants to interview.
  6. Soft Cost Budgets and analysis inclusive of contingency program, change order management, alternate space needs during construction
  7. Financial and construction documentation to solicit financing for project as early in process as possible
  8. Answers to questions to enable Directors to make decision(s) when needed for the project progress
  9. Regular progress reports delivered by a Committee member in person at Board Meetings.

Relationship to Other OVA Groups and Committees

The Committee is advisory and is expected to also offer recommendations for interim decisions to the Board of Directors and provide information relevant to these decisions including impact analysis.  The Committee will have connectivity through liaisons with the Board of Directors, Construction Oversight Committee, Finance Committee, and Staff.

Staff resources may be made best scheduled and made available through inclusion on the project and resource plan.

Membership Composition

This Ad Hoc Committee shall consist of five (5) members including a chair.  Members will be selected and appointed by the Board.

Committee members shall constitute a cross-section of the community having skills in construction, architecture, construction project management and space planning.

Procedural Rules

  1. Process and project plans should have key milestones built in for discussion and decisions with the Board of Directors to remain consistent with direction.
  2. The Ad Hoc Committee should use all information previously accepted by the Board of Directors, including consultant reports and committee reports.
  3. The Committee will decide on their meeting schedule and procedures. The Chair will notify Staff so that announcements of meetings may be made to the membership.
  4. Committee recommendations and reports will be submitted in writing to the Board. Verbal or visual presentations of any committee matter are always acceptable and appreciated as well.

All options presented previous to this Committee formation must be assessed.  This includes all of the options from the Berger Improvement Committee Final Presentation.


Claudette Brero-Gow; Chair
Claudette was Director of Architecture and Construction for two colleges and the City of San Jose.  She founded Brero Construction, Inc. and grew it to be the largest woman owned general contractor in the United States.  Claudette served as a member of the Central Projects Committee at Oakmont in 2016, which studied the space requirements and other needs of users.

David Dearden
David worked as a carpenter before becoming a CA General Contractor in the mid 1980’s.  Later he was a commercial construction superintendent on retail and office projects in the SF Bay Area and completed his construction career as a project manager for residential projects with local builders.

Art Fichtenberg
Art developed and built new commercial properties over the last 40 years in the Sonoma Valley.  He is active in non-profit organizations including Rotary, Sonoma Community Center, Chamber of Commerce and Valley of the Moon Teen Center.

Bob Jackson
Bob was  VP and Manager of Bechtel’s commercial building business, worldwide. Project/ construction management services were provided for hotels, office and institutional buildings, and multi-purpose facilities. Bob also served as Project Director at Parsons, responsible for master planning, design and engineering, and project/construction management for hotels; mixed use commercial, residential and sports facilities and theme parks.  He has also served as the President of the Valley of the Moon Rotary, 2015-2016

Greg Goodwin; OVA Board Liaison


BAC Goals for 2017 on the Berger Center Renewal Project 


First Monday of each month
10:00 AM Large conference room in the OVA office