Carolyn Bettencourt

Carolyn Bettencourt Bio


I grew up on a dairy ranch in Penngrove, and have lived in Sonoma County ever since.  As a young woman, I worked in an administrative capacity for the Sonoma County Social Services Department, Economic Development Board, and District Attorney’s office before joining the Petaluma Police Department as a Parking Enforcement Officer.    In 1979, my husband Larry and I opened a successful independent auto parts store in Petaluma.  My responsibilities included customer service, working with vendors, financial planning, and hiring and supervising employees.   In addition, I completed the Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Academy and subsequently joined the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office VIP program.  The business was sold and we retired in 2008.    Our dream of moving to Oakmont was realized in 2012.  We enjoy our involvement in many Oakmont club activities. Oakmont is very special and unique, and it would give me great pleasure to serve our diverse community.

Three Questions


All my decisions are based on looking at things from a common sense position.  When I need to make a business decision, I look for the most economical and reasonable way to accomplish it.  In 1979, my husband and I opened and operated an independent auto parts store in Petaluma.   Together, we set the foundation with sound decisions that kept the business successful and prosperous for 30 years.   I have considerable experience working with vendors, customers and employees.    This knowledge will serve me in making the best decisions for the community as a whole.


I see the role of the board as overseeing all OVA facilities and finances.  The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to consider what the financial impact would be when making all decisions that affect the membership. I believe it’s the Board’s duty and responsibility to truly listen to the needs and desires of the community.  Priorities should be set in making certain that all existing facilities are maintained and safe.  Safety is the number one concern.  Building and adding new amenities should be considered only after all existing facilities are upgraded and in proper and safe working order and when it is financially feasible to do so.


We should not rely solely on communicating via email or posting at the Berger Center.  Some residents may not have access to a computer, and there are residents who may have mobility issues and who may not have access to the bulletin board.  All important information should be provided in either the Oakmont News or an insert in the paper. In some cases/circumstances, a separate mailing may be required/appropriate.  We need to use every possible means in communicating with residents.