Ellen Leznik

Ellen Leznik


I moved to Oakmont in 2013 after retiring from private law practice. Oakmont has what I had been dreaming about for many years: beautiful scenery, serenity and a perfect location in the Wine Country.  In 2014 I founded the Enocureans, a club for Oakmonters who love food, wine and camaraderie, and I currently serve on the Board of Governors for Meadowgreen #1, the HOA in which I reside.

I practiced law in the Silicon Valley for 17 years, advising companies on business operations and regulatory issues.   Prior to becoming a lawyer, I had a consulting practice focusing on software development for senior level management. I received my BBA in Management Information Systems and an MBA from University of Houston, and my JD from Stanford Law School.

I have travelled to 48 countries and 25 States, and I am very happy and very proud to call Oakmont my home.



As a business lawyer I counseled companies on a variety of issues related to their ongoing business operations.  I drafted and negotiated hundreds of agreements, many valued at millions of dollars and designed to govern multi-year transactions.  My legal knowledge and business know-how, as well as my analytical, decision-making, negotiation and communication skills, are directly applicable to the type of tasks performed by the OVA Board.   I also bring Board experience having served on three different Boards of Directors: at a publicly traded company, a local chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel, and Meadowgreen #1 HOA.


I see OVA as the glue that holds our diverse community together. The role of our Board is to govern the Association, establish consistent and enforceable policies and rules, maintain and enhance our common facilities, ensure financial solvency and stability, and promote a quality community environment for all residents. The Board has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of our community as a whole. Directors have the duty to be careful with the Association’s assets that are placed in their trust. Board members must use their business and common sense and comply with the governing documents and the law.


With all technological advances what remains constant is that communication is a two-way interaction. Listening to and understanding the needs and concerns of Association members is just as important as communicating Board’s actions to the community. Board transparency is crucial. I see my role as making sure that members understand the details of the issues that the Board members are facing and the basis for their decisions.  I also believe that Board and other open Association meetings should be videotaped to provide access to our members who are not able to attend such meetings.