Emergency Shelters

Under an agreement with the OVA Board of Directors, the Red Cross has designated the Berger Center and East and West rec centers as emergency shelter sites.

Click Here For Google Directions To The Berger Center

Oakmont’s Emergency Preparedness Committee is now recruiting Oakmont residents to become certified disaster volunteers because only they are eligible to operate Red Cross shelters. Anyone interested in helping can contact the OEPC at 570-7500 or by email OakmontERT@gmail.com.

The Red Cross will store emergency supplies at each of the shelter facilities and OEPC will augment those supplies with additional items. While these shelter supplies are designed to handle short-term emergencies, the ARC will send additional supplies for longer events.

In a major disaster emergency OEPC volunteers with Red Cross training can activate the shelters in advance of, and if necessary in place of, an ARC team dispatched to Oakmont.

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