Firewise Resource Vendors

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Brad Alderette 
(Handyman for screens/juniper removal)
707-393-8076 Cell/Text
Bobby Babson707-483-0140 Cell/Text
Tink Armstrong707-695-3450 Cell/Text
Bob OBrien526-510-2342 Cell/Text
Juliana Holmstrom707-953-3073 Cell/Text
Paul’s Affordable Handyman707-292-8918 Cell/Text
Martin Ramirez 
(Landscape maintenance/repair)
707-217-3260 Cell/Text
Doc Ward510-506-4791 Cell/Text
Tony Wilson (Handyman)707-478-9775 Cell/Text
R&C Handyman – Richard707-494-9490 Cell/Text
Dean Dewitt707-529-9013 Cell/Text
Jim Connell707-888-4208 Cell:      Email:
Ember Defense LLC – Adam Iveson775-229-2936
Gil Portillo (Metal fences and gates)707-953-9939 Cell
Buy Wise Inspections – Bobby Payne707-800-2476
Freddy Caro (California Greens Landscape)707-774-9209
BE Bird Landscape707-578-7739
Bob’s Firesafe Team  (Tree and brush removal)415-847-6037

DISCLAIMER: The Association does not endorse or recommend any of the services identified, nor does it claim this list is complete. The Association takes no position as to the suitability of any identified services, nor does the Association take a position as to alternative services not identified. The Association advises that professional advice as to these services should be sought where necessary. Accordingly, the Association is not liable for any claims, issues, or damages associated with the utilization of any of the services identified or negligence of any service providers.

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