The Responsibilities of the Ad-Hoc Study Committee

“This committee is challenged with the task of gathering data about what the 50-year old multi-purpose Berger auditorium requires or needs, what the Oakmont community would like to see it include or not include, impacts of any changes, and conceptual costs. Currently, we continue to collect information and prepare documentation to obtain expert advice in identifying and refining feasible options, costs, benefits, and impacts. Our ultimate goal is to perform this analysis and provide a recommendation(s) to the OVA board of directors on preferred and reasonable approaches to update this important building.”

Committee Charter and Members


To be determined

News Stories

Berger Final Committee Presentation – December 15, 2015

Berger Committee Presentation 9/15/15
Presentation of status

Early Recommendations & Key Elements-Updated March 23, 2015
This documents gives six options currently being studied with their potential level of cost.

How Is Berger Used Now?
Data on user groups and size of events.

Member Discussion and Input
A collection of data from surveys, interviews and emails received by the Committee.

Oakmont Hears Survey Data 

Ad-Hoc Committee Minutes

Ad-Hoc Committee Members

  • Andie Altman
  • Herm Hermann
  • Jim Sannar
  • Lyn Cramer
  • Heidi Klyn
  • Terry Whitten
  • Noel Lyons
  • Bob Giddings

You can contact committee members or give input at

The Berger Improvement Committee has completed it’s work and their final report can be found here. The Central Project Committee has resumed the effort with an expanded charter and you can follow their efforts here.