Greg Goodwin

Greg Goodwin Bio

Gregory Albert Goodwin born 4/2/50 in Newark N.J. to working class parents.  Attended public schools and Seton Hall University. After college, opened a music store, taught music privately and played professionally. Met the woman of his dreams and married (Linda) in 1976. They are proud parents of two children and blessed with three grandchildren. Started working for the Postal Service in 1979 and moved to Cotati, California when he transferred to the San Rafael Post Office as a window supervisor. For over twenty-five years he’s been in managerial and Postmaster positions retiring after 33 years.  They became ” empty nesters ” when their children moved out in 2000 and decided to become Oakmonters the next day. Linda’s mom was residing here and they wanted to be closer in her golden years. She loved Oakmont’s beauty and serenity, so do they.

Three Questions

1: Managerial background includes; contract negotiations, scheduling, logistic coordination, inventory accountability, customer service and safety concerns. Planning, listening and problem solving skills in abundance.

2: The role of Oakmont’s Board is to represent and balance the interests of the community.  Each Board member’s role is to carefully set policy to advance that responsibility. To that end, Directors are charged to ACT on behalf of their constituents expressed concerns by first empowering the diversity of ad hoc and standing committees.  Secondly encourage public comments by holding open and civil discussions regarding village issues.  Then reach, Board consensus in order to make reasonable decisions.   Elected Directors must adhere to by-laws and regulations to serve as guardians for the community’s present / future needs and wants    bearing in mind safety, budget and service. A couple of specific priorities, after the East Rec. balcony situation is resolved, are, one, the key issue of the Berger Center.  The time has come for the controversy and gridlock to end regarding the Berger situation. Then two the Board can focus on improving the central parking lot for safer pedestrian access to the CAC, central pool and other facilities.

3: Board members have an obligation to communicate with residents in an attentive and timely manner.  The role of every Board member is to encourage dialogue in various forms. I’m most comfortable with the written word. Putting my thoughts on paper, be it replying to questions or sharing information allows me to focus on the context I’m addressing.  I also enjoy one on one conversations listening to tone and seeing facial expressions as ideas are exchanged. It doesn’t matter how Oakmonters choose to express their concerns, the important role of a Board Director is  to ensure that they feel heard and understood.