Transportation Services

County Public Transportation

The Sonoma County Bus #30 makes several stops daily in Oakmont at convenient locations, and will take you to Santa Rosa’s downtown transit mall.

Oakmont Community Transportation

Though our streets are maintained by the City of Santa Rosa, golf carts are “street legal” here. Many residents use golf carts and bicycles to access Oakmont services.


  • Sonoma County Transit provides connections to San Francisco and other locations within Sonoma County.
  • The Santa Rosa CityBus provides convenient and timely service throughout the metro area.
  • The Golden Gate Transit System is an easy way to connect from Oakmont to San Francisco, and anywhere in between. Make sure to experience the ferry ride across San Francisco Bay – it’s a destination adventure in itself! Affordable senior rates are available.


  • Discover the USA! On Amtrak  Amtrak buses leave from downtown Santa Rosa and connect with Amtrak trains for destinations throughout the country.
  • SMART Train – Imagine a North Bay Smart Train with a transportation network of buses, shuttles, ferries, trollies, bike paths and sidewalks all connected with a centralized rail line that makes it possible to easily travel around Marin and Sonoma counties without ever getting behind the wheel of a car.  It’s been approved, and it will be available to Oakmont!


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