Meet Our Photographers

Picture of the cover of the Oakmont Anniversary Book

From amateur to professional, Oakmont’s photographers have donated their talents to this website, and their work is gratefully acknowledged here. Our special thanks to Ed Behen and the Oakmont 50th Anniversary Magazine for photos and historical information. Copies are still available in the OVA office.


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Julie Kiil
Dave Turner
Cynthia Wright
Ernest Erler
Maurice Fliess
Pat Brigham
Gayla Yates
Karen Osborn
Kathy Sowers
Maureen McGettigan

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Gary Pickering
Milt Wirth
Partha Neogy
Cassie Turner
Phyllis Jennings
Bob Starkey
Bob Crosby
Peter Boyle
Keith Sauer


Heidi Klyn
Michael Reinhardt
Maurice Fliess
Patti Ouimette
John Williston
Leyla Gunduz Carreon
Paul Ryan
Dutch Lichliter
Ed Behen