Reduce The Risk – Landscape Ideas

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To increase beauty, you may need to adopt a different style

It Might Seem Overwhelming – OVA Can Help

  • Schedule an Assessment
  • Create a 3-5 year plan
    • Focus on the most dangerous areas first and make a plan for the rest.
    • Keep making progress.
  • Ask for Help or Volunteer to Help Others
    • Ask your neighbors and the OVA for help if you need it. Volunteer to help your neighbors. We can do this together.

Landscape Designers

Ann Baker Landscape Architect707-772-5062
Susie Dowd Markarian Landscape707-537-0508
April Owens Design707-634-6192
Ellie Insley-Landscape Architect707-363-9635
Louise Leff707-529-2015
June King- Landmark Landscape Co.707-996-6999
Lori Cagwin-Landscape Architect707-363-9635
John Day- Day Tree Service (& juniper removal/hauling)707-586-8733

Additional Resources

Sonoma Master Gardeners:
FIREsafe Marin:

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