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What you need to protect your home.

Attics, Crawlspaces and Roofs

Soffit and Foundation Vents with 1/4″ screens


  • Replace with screens no larger than 1/8″.
  • Available at most hardware stores.
  • Fire resistant vents also available – see list of CA approved vents below.
  • Do not use fiberglass or plastic mesh because they can melt and burn.
  • See list of Contractors & Wildfire Mitigation Specialists if you need help with installation and to ensure proper attic ventilation.

Gable or Eyebrow Vents with 1/4″ screens


  • Replace with 1/8″ screens or fire-resistant screens from inside your attic.

Gutter Leaf Guards


  • Cover gutters with metal leaf guards to prevent leaves and other combustible material from collecting in gutters.
  • Available at most hardware stores and many companies carry high quality guards.

For More Information

Vulcan Technologies: (415) 459-6488
Embers Out LLC (714) 363-3459
Brandguard Vents 481-5300

Contractors & Wildfire Mitigation Specialists

Professional Home Assessments for Wildfire Safety

Ember Defense LLC – Adam Iveson775-229-2936
Stuart Mitchell – Wildfire Mitigation Advisor707-328-0228
Buy Wise Inspections – Bobby Payne707-800-2476

DISCLAIMER: The Association does not endorse or recommend any of the services identified, nor does it claim this list is complete. The Association takes no position as to the suitability of any identified services, nor does the Association take a position as to alternative services not identified. The Association advises that professional advice as to these services should be sought where necessary. Accordingly, the Association is not liable for any claims, issues, or damages associated with the utilization of any of the services identified or negligence of any service providers.

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