Stephanie Curry

Biography of Stephanie Curry

I moved to Oakmont three years ago after 16 years in Orange County, CA.  While in Orange County, I worked for Pacific Life for 20 years.  I am from Rhode Island and prior to moving to CA lived in the states of MA, RI, VT, and NH.  I earned by BA in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island.   I have worked in financial services since 1976, including being an Assistant Vice President of Pacific Life (AVP).  I was on the advisory board of the National Marine Sanctuaries Foundation (NMSF).  My interests are traveling, walking, working out, music, cooking, and wine and scotch tasting.

Three Questions

  1. As a member of the advisory board of the NMSF, I worked closely with the finance committee in developing viable investment programs with a goal of becoming a self-sustaining entity. As AVP at Pacific Life I managed a budget of $5,000,000+ and always came in under budget. I have been told that I have a unique skill set in my ability to bring the right people together to finalize a project.
  1. I believe the Board represents the Oakmont community with the goal to have Oakmont to continue to be a premier 55+ community. Building a reputation as a vibrant community will increase the attractiveness of Oakmont as the place to live.
  1. As a Board member I will be aware and attuned to the differing needs and desires of each member of the community. I believe that the Board should listen to and work with the community as to what is important to those within the community. Each project must be prioritized so it can be completed in a timely, cost-efficient manner.  The diversity of the community is why Oakmont is an attractive place to live.  As with life, not everyone agrees and as a Board member, I will work with the community for the common good even if I might not completely agree.