Tom Samarati

Tom Samarati


I was born in New York city where I lived until 20 years of age. I then traveled worldwide for a year. Returning to the USA, I came to Sonoma county for the 1st time in 1973. Soon after I enlisted in the US Army medical corps to serve 3 years.  My occupation was hospital based Radiologic Technology.  Upon honorable discharge in 1976 I returned to live in Santa Rosa until 1985. For career advancement I moved to Monterey County where I lived until 1998.  While there I earned a BS degree in health sciences education and MA in health care administration from San Jose State University.  Professionally until my retirement in 2012 I worked at several hospitals as a multi-department director.  My wife & I have lived in Oakmont since July 2007. I am a member of the Oakmont golf club and the Wild Oak Saddle Club.



Negotiation and collaboration with individuals and groups. My experience in hospital management required working productively with employees and their labor union representatives, contract physician groups, corporate senior executives, government regulatory agencies, hospital boards and diverse community groups.

Fiscal management. At the peak of my career responsibilities I managed over 150 employees, controlled annual operating budgets of $5 million and revenue streams of $60 million.  I created & managed annual capital equipment budgets for purchases and maintenance up to $8 million. From 1994 to 1998 I was a strategic planning team member for a $600 million hospital replacement project.


The board role is to respond to the needs of and enact positive action for Oakmont residents using prudent management practices and scrupulous fiduciary responsibility.  The BOD’s top priority should be actions that ensure the safety of Oakmont residents. The next priority is the maintenance & enhancement of programs and facilities that contribute to the high quality of life in our community.


My primary role & responsibility would be to listen to the interests and needs of Oakmont residents.   Forums for back and forth communication includes participation with the already established on-line venues, periodic face-to-face workshops, attendance of committee and special interest groups meetings.  I would like to investigate the worth of creating & sending on-line surveys via e-mail to Oakmonters to periodically poll their interest and opinion about specific topics. These surveys could also be published in the Oakmont news for residents who do not use computers to send in their responses via hard copy.