Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Oakmont 2030. 

Here is a brief explanation of why volunteers are needed and what the roles and expectations will be.  


All Oakmont 2030 meetings will rely on a “Community Conversations” meeting model (vs. the current a Town Hall Model) where every participant has a chance to feel heard and to see their ideas combined with other community members. 


There are two types of volunteer positions needed – facilitators and themers. 


Each meeting will have 12 tables of 8 with a neutral facilitator who’s responsible for keeping the conversation going; making sure that each participant gets a chance to contribute to the discussion; and, captures participants’ responses onto an iPad that is provided. Facilitators will be trained in Covision technology (see below). 


The electronic responses from the tables are sent to a small group of volunteers who can quickly digest large quantities of data and distill it into a few clear themes or messages that are presented to the room for validation and more conversation.  


The volunteer orientation meeting is on June 23 at 1:00 at the Berger and will be recorded. Training is on July 6 at 1:00 at the Berger Center.

The June 23 meeting will be recorded any may be watched in lieu of attending in person, but the July 6 training must be attended in person.


  • Please provide support to at least two Community Conversations over July and August.  The more, the better! 
  • Participate in a “refresh” session in advance of your volunteer time receive a 1-hour “refresh” and a briefing on the goals of that particular meeting.  
  • Optional: participate in a 30 minute debrief session to support continuous learning about how best to connect with the community. 


Important Sign Up Instructions:

  1. Click on the meeting you would like to attend
  2. Click on the date you would like to attend (even if only one date is available)
    1. If you don’t see any available dates, click the calendar forward a month
  3. Click on the time you would like to attend (even if only one time is available)
  4. Add your details at the bottom of this page
  5. Click “Book” to complete your sign up

Please attend or watch the Volunteer Orientation before attending the Volunteer Training. The recording is available here: 2030 Volunteer Orientation