Wayne VanBockern

Wayne VanBockern Bio

I was raised in Burlingame CA.  I enlisted in the United States Marine Corp when I turned 19.  After the USMC I began a career in sales.  I moved to Aptos, CA where I opened two retail stores specializing in the Hearth, BBQ industry.  In 1983, I started Van Bockern & Associates, a manufacturers’ agency representing hearth & BBQ products in six states, which I still operate today.  Between these two businesses, I have spent over 35 years successfully employing my strong organizational, customer service and communication skills.

The discipline, sense of service and team work skills acquired from my USMC background led me to join the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s horse posse.

I served as its treasurer and treasurer of the Hearth, Patio, BBQ Association and past president of both organizations.  I am currently treasurer and Elder of Oakmont Community Church and look forward to serving our community on the OVA Board.

Three Questions

I have 35+ years as a business owner of a retail store, wholesale business, Sub Contracting Company in the Construction Industry and the owner of Van Bockern & Associates a Sales & Marketing Co, which I am still actively running.   My sales & marketing company sells products from Seattle, WA to Tucson, AZ and includes 6 states.   I bring experience in managing employees, bidding construction projects, purchasing material and paying vendor accounts.   I also hold a California Heating & Sheet Metal contractor’s license.  I have been the treasurer of several organizations I was involved in and am currently the treasurer of the Oakmont Community Church.

To oversee the safety and maintenance of all our Oakmont Facilities under its jurisdiction, keeping them up to code standards.  Listening to the wants & needs of the majority of Oakmont residents and making sure those needs are met.  I believe the board should have an open door policy so residents can comfortably bring ideas to them.  We need to work together to make this a peaceful community for all its residence.

Not all Oakmont residents are retired & I believe more & more are working into their later years.  Those residents are missing most or all of the board meetings & I feel the board should schedule some of those meetings in the evenings giving everyone equal time to attend.