Billiard Room Club

Billiard Room hours are the same as the swimming pool hours everyday. The following items are located in the Billiard Room. 3 Pool Tables 3

Billiard Club 12-15-2019

Barbara Pascal When Barbara joined our Billiard Club nearly two years ago, one of the first things she noticed upon entering the pool room was

Billiard 8-15-2019

Gerome T. Thomas Wielding an undersized 14 oz. pool cue with the same feathery touch that a Toscanini or Picasso maneuvered their delicate implements, Gerome

Billiards Club

In March 1954, 8-ball legend Willie Mosconi sank 526 consecutive balls to cement his status in billiard immortality. In his honor, the Oakmont Billiard Club

Billiard Club (4/15/2019)

Unlike the traditional games of eight ball and straight pool that most people grew up with and predominately play today, 9 ball pool is a

Billiard Club (4/1/2019)

The Billiard Club welcomes new players of all skill levels to join us every Monday and Friday from 1-4. We play a variety of games

Billiard Club (2/15/2019)

The Oakmont Billiard Club opened the 2019 pool season with ten members competing in the 1st Annual Saratoga Shootout. After 2 1/2 hours of friendly