Oakmont Village Association Staff are best contacted via email while shelter-in-place orders remain in effect.

Interim General Manager
Dawn McFarland - dawn@oakmontvillage.com

Facility Manager
Rick Aubert - rick@oakmontvillage.com

Accounts Payable and New Resident Registration
Ofelia Roman - ofelia@oakmontvillage.com

Live and Virtual Events Coordination
Anita Roraus - anita@oakmontvillage.com

Architectural Administration (Applications & Inquiries)
Christel Antone - christel@oakmontvillage.com

Community Relations (Violations & Complaints)
Danielle Hannigan - dani@oakmontvillage.com

General Administrative Assistance
Ashlea Thomas - ashlea@oakmontvillage.com

Maintenance Supervisor
Maggie Vera - maggie@oakmontvillage.com

Maintenance Supervisor
Gil Perez - gildardo@oakmontvillage.com

Communications & IT Coordination
Colin Hannigan - it@oakmontvillage.com

General Inquiries