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Oakmont Prep Guide for Hosts
Link 01 – Sample Invitation Letter
Link 02 – Welcome Overview Oakmont
Link 03 – Contacts Form
Link 04 – Contacts Summary List
Link 05 – Meeting Reminder
Link 06 – Buddy Cards
Link 07 – Visual Disaster Supply Kit
Link 08 – OEPC Radio Explanation
Link 09 – Hard Hat Ordering Sample
Link 10 – FAQ
Link 11 – Watching the DVD Discussion Guide Summary
Link 12 – MYN Discussion Guide & Facilitator’s Notes
Link 13 – Label for Front of Work Book

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Thank you for exploring this vital neighborhood preparedness program.  We know you can’t meet your neighbors in person until the Shelter-in-Place order is lifted.  But you can start organizing yourselves to “hit the ground running” when the SIP lifts.

We need someone in every neighborhood willing to gather his or her neighbors together for this important discussion on preparedness.  The reality is that most neighborhoods will be on their own for the first few hours, days or weeks following disaster.  If people have been hurt, if there’s a fire, if property has been damaged, the real first responders will be you and your neighbors.  Fire, police, medical and 9-1-1 personnel will be overwhelmed dealing with immediate life-threatening demands.  It is important that you become ready for any disaster.

Check the OVA Events page (click here) to see if we have any upcoming MYN events.

What’s MYN?

Developed in 2009 and promoted by the State of Washington’s Emergency Management organization, MYN provides a framework for organizing neighborhoods to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an emergency or disaster.  It received an award from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and has been adopted by communities in more than 40 states. 

Significant advantages of MYN over other programs include:

  • all residents in a neighborhood are involved in preparedness and share the same information;
  • personal information stays within the neighborhood and is not shared with anyone else;
  • since everyone in a neighborhood is involved equally in the process, to the extent of their abilities, there is no reliance on one or two individuals to coordinate an emergency response as those individuals might not be home when a disaster strikes.

This program is designed to save lives when an emergency or disaster, such as a major earthquake, wildfire, or flood strikes.  It’s a unique and free program that is peer-led, team-based and provides training & resources needed to help neighborhoods get ready for any disaster.  Remember, it is up to each of us to personally prepare for an emergency.  The life you save may be your own. And when disaster strikes, your best resource is most often your neighbors.


When neighborhoods are prepared for emergencies and disasters:

  • lives are saved;
  • the severity of injuries and trauma is reduced;
  • property damage is limited. 

Working together as a team helps develop stronger communities and improves the quality of life in the community.


  • Learn the 9 Steps to Take Immediately Following a Disaster
  • Identify the Skills and Equipment Inventory each neighbor has that would be useful in a disaster response.
  • Create a Neighborhood Map identifying the location of the gas, electric and water shut offs.
  • Create a Neighborhood Contact List to help identify those with functional needs (ex. seniors, those with a disability).
  • Learn how to work together as a team to evaluate your neighborhood during the first hour following a disaster.

Starting a Neighborhood Group

Contact Oakmont’s MYN team and talk with them about the MYN training they offer and how to get the supporting materials for a neighborhood meeting.   They will provide the MYN DVD, Workbooks and a custom Oakmont Prep Guide for hosts, which walks you through holding a successful MYN meeting.  There are also links to the resources a Host will need.   Email the Oakmont MYN team at

Before your neighborhood meeting

As a host/leader you will receive a packet of materials that include:

  • Welcome/Overview document
  • MYN meeting DVD (50 minutes)
    • Part 1 – Facilitator Video (what to do before your meeting)
    • Part 2 – Neighborhood Meeting Video (for use during your meeting)
  • MYN Workbook shingle. 
  • Sample Invitation Letter, Contacts Form

You will need to watch the DVD and review the steps before you conduct your meeting. The DVD is produced in a play-pause format, and is closed-captioned for hearing impaired.

During your meeting

Watch the DVD and follow the prompts; all neighbors will receive a Workbook, fill it out at the meeting, and take it home for reference.

After your meeting

It is important to reconnect with Oakmont’s MYN team and let them know you have organized your neighbors.  This lets them know you have taken the steps to help each other and they can add your neighborhood to their composite mapping/tracking system.  We’ll hold quarterly or semi-annual support and educational meetings if you’d care to learn more.  Please feel free to provide feedback about the program to help evaluate its effectiveness.

Getting Started in Oakmont

We are providing an Oakmont Prep Guide for Hosts that contains step-by-step instructions for preparing and hosting a successful MYN meeting in your Oakmont neighborhood, as well as links to documents and forms, and ideas for organizing your neighbors.  During our Sheltering-in Place time, you can review these documents and then call, email or Zoom your neighbors about a planning strategy.  What a great way to spend this pandemic time!

Questions?  Email the Oakmont MYN team at

Katy Carrel, Ann Benson & Matt Zwerling