Questions & Answers

And now, some frequent questions I get about Oakmont’s birds and related topics. Q: What is that red(dish) bird I see at my feeder?A: It’s

The Waders

Several types of wading birds can regularly be seen in Oakmont – often standing motionless around the water features on the golf courses or by


Learn about the birds that call Oakmont their home.

The Typist in the Tree

Relaxed Kinglet (Photos courtesy of Tom Grey) For those of us old enough to remember typewriters, it can be a surprise to hear the classic

Raptor Rundown

By Carolyn Greene, Certified California Naturalist and Madrone Audubon Field Trip Leader Raptors – birds that feed mainly on vertebrates – are among nature’s most

The Berry Eaters

Among the most elegant birds to visit Oakmont is the Cedar Waxwing. If you have trees or shrubs with berries or small fruit in your

Eaters of the Dead

With Halloween approaching, let’s pay tribute to a bird that is associated with death and the Dark Side, but actually plays a large role in

Yellow-Rumped Warblers

In the bird world, nothing says fall is here like the influx of Yellow-Rumped Warblers, coming back to over-winter with us here in Oakmont from

The Cutest Bird at the Feeder

All photos courtesy of Tom Grey For sheer cuteness, it’s hard to beat the Chestnut-Backed Chickadee. This species of Chickadee, which is unique to the

A Warbler for the Rest of Us

If you’re going to become acquainted with just one warbler, the Wilson’s Warbler is a good choice. It’s like a lemon with wings.

A Flash of Oriole

Few birds have the flash of the Oriole family, a streak of brilliant orange, gold, or yellow across the sky. Orioles are not overly common