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Community Church

Our Mission: “We are a Christian fellowship assisting and supporting mature adults living out their spiritual faith, being made whole by the Word of God in loving community.” Who we are… The ‘GI Generation’, the ‘Baby-Boomers’, the ‘Mature Silents’ and even some from ‘Generation X’; Mature individuals gathering to celebrate our Christ-centered worship alongside those exploring faith from multi-faceted backgrounds; A friendly bunch of folks delighted to get up and greet each other, to share meals after church, to pray together, laugh together and sometimes cry together; People who enjoy a varied, non-traditional worship setting with instrumental as well as choral, jazz, celtic, blue grass gospel and other styles of music and singing followed by an eclectic mix of messages from men and women who share varied inspirational, and often challenging, perspectives from the Word of God; Seekers of the best paths for the rest of our lives individually and corporately. Meeting Details: Where we meet: Temporarily held at the Central Activity Center (CAC) Time: 10:30am on Sundays Dress: Casual Other: Coffee and homemade sweets, come and stay awhile! Visit website Contact Information: Pastor Brinda Peterson Phone: (707) 595-0166

08/28/21 Oakmont Community Church

Hello Beloved CommunityThe beginning of September is a reminder of Autumn, with that thought in mind, here is a poem by John Birch. “The Church

The Return to In-Person Worship

Hello Beloved Community,We are Back! Oakmont Community Church returned to In-person worship on Sunday, June 20th at 10:30 AM at the East Rec. Our first

OCC Chatter January 1, 2021

Hello Beloved Community Happy New Year… I hope is will be anyway. The phrase “subject to change” seems to be the most important phrase when

Christmas Eve Service

Join us online for our Christmas Eve Service at 5pm, on YouTube (for link go to or listen to the service on the low-band

Christmas Light Prayer Parade

Pastor Brinda of Oakmont Community Church’s Christmas Light Parade. Okay, it is only one vehicle, but it is delightful. Annually we drive through the neighborhood

OCC Chatter

Hello Beloved Community What a joy this time of year is. For Christians, we pause as we focus our attention to the Advent, which is

OCC Chatter December 1, 2020

Hello Beloved Community At the time of this writing, we are preparing to cook a huge Thanksgiving Dinner for our annual Thanksgiving feast. By time

Community Church 12-15-2019

Hello Beloved Community What a fabulous time of year. There is so much to be thankful for. I love how Thanksgiving a day to give

Community Church 7-1-2019

Hello Beloved Community July is going to be an exciting time of Oakmont Community Church as we prepare to move to our new location. On

Community Church (5/15/2019)

Hello Beloved Community We hope you had a great Easter and Mother’s day. Are you excited that we have had some exceptionally nice days? I

Community Church (3/1/2019)

Hello Beloved Community Spring is in the air and that means so is planting season. Plants need a good foundation of soil to start their