Play Poker for Democracy!

Like Poker? Want to help protect our freedom and the principles that our nation wasfounded upon? Have fun while helping to preserve the spirit of

Democratic Club

The Club was founded in 2004 by eight residents with the primary goal of electing Democratic candidates. Since then, the Club has become a major

Defending Democracy

The one-year anniversary of January 6th reminds us of how fragile our democracy is and the need for all citizens to be active in the


Tis the season for new resolutions, so, with that in mind, viewing next year from 30,000 feet “and beyond,” what I wish for is Protection

Speak Up and Let’s Go!

While we work against the Recalls to make sure a Trump supported Republican does not become our next Governor, we also want to look ahead.

Beat the Heat and the Recalls

Join the Oakmont Democratic Club live on Thursday, July 22 at 6:30 PM at a General Meeting at the East Rec Center with a social

How California Gets to Green

On Thursday, March 25th, if you want to take some positive action on the Climate Crisis join us for an interactive presentation from The Climate

Democratic Club 8-15-2019

More Money for Housing, Less for Fossil Fuel? Public Banks? August 22 at 7 PM at the newly renovated East Rec Center, the Oakmont Democratic

Democratic Club (5/15/2019)

The Democratic Clubs General Meeting on Thursday, May 16 at 7 PM at the West Rec Center will feature a presentation on Public Banking. All

Oakmont Democratic Club 10/1/2018

Town Hall with Councilman Jack Tibbetts: Get Smart about the Ballot By Nadine Condon Join us at an Oakmont Town Hall, featuring our City Councilman

Oakmont Democratic Club 9/15/2018

October 4, Election Town Hall with Councilman Jack Tibbetts By Nadine Condon The Oakmont Dems will sponsor our Santa Rosa Councilman Jack Tibbetts at an