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Sonoma Wine Country Games GOLD comes to the Oakmont Pickleball Club. On a hot weekend in June at the SonomaWine Country Games, the OPC struck

Pickleball Corner

Written by: Doc Savarese Cartoon by: Peter CopenSilent Inflammation Have you ever heard of silent inflammation, which simply stated can be the mortal enemy of

Pickleball Corner

Open Play: everyday 9:30 – 11:30 am • Paddle up by skill level: Novice, Intermediate or Advanced • Players should play in their self-assessed level

Pickleball Corner

Pickleball Corner Pickleball: It’s good for your health and longevity Helen Selenati We all know that physical activity and exercise are good for you, and

Pickleball Corner

Open Play: everyday 9:30 – 11:30 am• Paddle up by skill level: Novice, Intermediate or Advanced• Players should play in their self-assessed level the majority

Pickleball Corner

Connie Medeiros THE DROP SERVEIt is official!!!! The Drop Serve is here to stay! As of January 2022, the Drop Serve is no longer considered

Pickleball Club

Pickleball is a fun game played on a court that’s about half the size of a tennis court with a net height of 34 inches

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Communicating with your partnerBy Kim Taddei and Bruce Hill (In conversation with Oakmont pickleball coach Adam MacKinnon)Have you ever been on the receiving end of

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V. Dettman The cold weather is upon us and with that warming up before exercising is very important. When playing Pickleball we use a wide

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By Teresa Howard Oakmont Pickleball Club’s 2021 Tournament It doesn’t take long to discover the talents, humor, and warm companionship of the Oakmont Pickleball Club.

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HELP WANTED Journalists for the Pickleball Corner. Requirements: 2 articles in 2022. Remuneration: Based upon job description. Contact: bvdettman@earthlink.net for information. Bill Wrightson Helen Sparre

Pickleball Corner

As you all are probably aware, as you are waiting for a court to free up, the number of new members/players at the courts has

Pickleball Corner

Connie Medeiros DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT…. Now that travel is happening again, before you take to the open road or the friendly skies, think

Pickleball Corner

Which Pickleballs to Use? By Bruce Hill and Kim Taddei Most of us focus our attention on the paddle we play with, taking for granted

Pickleball Corner

Bill Wrightson What’s the best way to improve in pickleball? While taking a lesson, I remember an instructor from Bend, Oregon suggested that playing with

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Pickleball Corner Courtesy on the courts Helen Selenati Pickleball is so much fun and everyone enjoys getting together to play and socialize. How lucky we

Take It Or Leave It.

By: John BrodyAmbivalence is a very unexciting way to go through life. It means you can’t find anything to get excited about. In that case,

Reducing Unforced Errors

by Bruce Hill One area of pickleball where I excel is repeatedly making unforced errors. I naturally turned to Oakmont’s pickleball coach, Adam MacKinnon, for

Featured Player – Peter Schmidt

Written by: Doc Savarese Drawing by: Peter Copen Featured Player – Peter Schmidt If the Oakmont Pickleball Club were to have an ambassador who promotes

Leaving a Legacy

Written by: Doc Savarese Drawing by: Peter Copen How do you want to remembered? Chances are, living in Oakmont, you have grandchildren. Recently, I began

Featured Paddles

Written by: Doc Savarese Cartoon by: Peter Copen Featured Paddles The paddle that you play with definitely affects your game. There are major deciding factors

Pickleball 1-1-20

Written by: Doc Savarese The Making of A Champion Growing evidence reveals the positive influence that fathers have on the development and well-being of children.

Pickleball 8-15-2019

Written by: Doc Savarese Cartoon by: Peter Copen True Friendship We are all social beings. Relationships help us achieve the basic need of belongingness. Research

Pickleball Round Robin Tournament

The Oakmont Pickleball Club held its Annual Round Robin Tournament on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at the East Rec Center. The event was organized by

Pickleball Corner (5/1/2019)

Doc Savarese & Cartoon by Peter Copen The quarterly Oakmont Pickleball Club meeting was held on April 4th at the Berger Center. The newly installed

Pickleball: Breaking News!

Doc Savarese A new committee has been established to determine future social events for OPC. Their initial decision is to introduce an activity subsequent to

Pickleball (3/15/2019)

By: Doc Savarese Obsessive Compulsive Pickleballer The American Psychiatric Association is considering a proposal for a new psychological condition called Obsessive Compulsive Pickleballer, otherwise known

Pickleball (3/1/2019)

Special Event: March 16, 2020 – Berger Center We invite you to a special event sponsored by Oakmont Community Foundation – The Oakmont Tennis Club

Pickleball Cross Training

Doc Savarese Cross Training: The purpose of cross-training is to spice up your body fitness, mixing aerobics, strength training and flexibility. Most experts agree that

Pickleball Guru Advice

Doc Savarese Having returned with three gold medals at the USAPA Nationals at Indian Wells Tennis Garden, our local personal instructor, Adam Mac Kinnon exudes

Quotes To Help Improve Your Game

Doc Savarese Successful people often state that attitude is as or more important than aptitude. Below is a list of quotes which reflect the significance

Pickleball Pioneers Of Oakmont

Doc Savarese The word “pioneer” represents those who went into unexplored territory in search of establishing a new way of life. This term can apply

Pickleball Corner (12/1/2018)

PICKLEBALL NATIONALS Wow! Pickleball has evolved into a new era with the USAPA Nationals held at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden during the first week

11/1/2018 Pickleball Club

Lesson for an Old Dog With all the hoopla of the advantages of taking lessons to improve your game, a friend and I finally signed

Pickleball Club 10/1/2018

Adam’s Lessons, Responsible Dinking & Upcoming Dates LESSONS WITH ADAM Lessons with Adam is off to an enthusiastic start. Nineteen club members are taking the

Pickleball Club 9/15/2018

by Melissa Bowers The August Challenge Only two months old and already the Pickleball courts are being Challenged by increasing membership and the August heat.