Recent Meetings and Activities

At the June meeting of the Quilting Bee, Kim Taddei reported she had finished her 84”x96” quilt made for the Tamales Historical Society as a

Quilting Bee

The Oakmont Quilters meet on the second Wednesday of each month to sew and quilt on individual projects and the fourth Wednesday for a business

September Bee Gathering

A small number of the quilting bee members met at our September meeting led by Cathy Rapp. Although a small group, they managed to come

Quilting Bee Buzzes Again

At long last, the Oakmont quilters were able to return to an in-person meeting. Everyone was happy to be together, share stories and quilted projects

Quilting Bee 12-15-2019

By: Elizabeth McDonnell With power outages, some evacuations and the Thanksgiving holiday, our Bee had trouble getting together to meet during October and November. We

Quilting Bee 8-15-2019

By: Elizabeth McDonnell The Oakmont Bee had a fun picnic in the CAC patio early in July on a very warm day. Thank goodness for

Quilting Bee

We started off our meeting on April 24 celebrating the 95th birthday of our sister quilter, Janet Shore. In celebration, there were flowers, a balloon,

Quilting Bee (4/15/2019)

By: Elizabeth McDonnell It was an active month with quilters dragging in sewing machines for the sewing day, many members attending the business meeting (we

Quilting Bee (3/15/2019)

By Elizabeth McDonnell Our February meeting had a good turnout perhaps because of a break in the weather. There were several announcements of upcoming local

Quilting Bee (2/15/2019)

By: Elizabeth McDonnell Members met on January 9th to visit and sew on their projects and again on January 23 for the business meeting. At

Quilting Bee (1/15/2019)

Elizabeth McDonnell Cathy Rapp and Joan Rumrill organized a very enjoyable holiday party! We had a potluck lunch, exchanged gifts and participated in a “Who

Quilting Bee (12/15/2018)

Elizabeth McDonnell Joan Rumrill and Cathy Rapp have been busy organizing our Holiday Lunch scheduled for December 5th. We look forward to unveiling our various

11-15-2018 Quilting Bee

By: Elizabeth McDonnell The October meetings were bustling with quilters busily working on projects and at the business meeting, displaying many completed ones. Cathy Rapp

10/15/2018 Oakmont Quilting Bee

Elizabeth McDonnell During the “sewing day” gathering on September 12, there was discussion about pros and cons of using spray basting techniques. There was also

Quilting Bee 9/15/2018

by Elizabeth McDonnel Two upcoming quilt shows were discussed by our members: Quilting in the Garden is an outdoor show September 22 and 23 in