Founded in Oakmont in 2000, our club is one of more than 33,000 Rotary clubs worldwide. Our 50 club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto “Service Above Self”. Some of the local community philanthropic accomplishments undertaken by our Rotary Club include providing volunteer and financial support to: R (Recovery) House: a residential counseling and high school facility for teens with dependency problems. The Sierra Youth Center: a residential treatment program for female adolescents, adjudicated by the Juvenile Court. Elementary School Assistance: weekly tutoring/reading and home literacy programs to Flowery and Douglas Whited schools. St. Joseph’s Mobile Health Clinic: a traveling health and immunization clinic serving farm and service workers and their families in Sonoma County. Scholarships: Scholarships annually to graduating high school and transferring Santa Rosa Junior College students. Play Structure: Funding design and construction of a play structure and adjacent landscape development located in the Kenwood Park. Our club also supports a wide range of programs to improve education, safety, eyesight, clean water, health and alleviation of hunger in third world countries. Among them are: Project Amigo in Mexico; Roots of Peace in Bosnia and Afghanistan, Rotoplast in Chile, Nothing But Nets throughout Africa, Adopt A Village in Uganda, Hospital Project in Russia; Village Hopecore in Kenya; East Meets West in Vietnam; Seva Foundation worldwide, and the Wheelchair Foundation worldwide.

Lessons of the Past

By John Brodey Lessons of the Past Almost everyone reading this remembers getting a Polio shot/oral dose during their childhood. Actually, Polio has been around

Tis The Season!

Star PowerTIS THE SEASON! For Rotary, it’s always “the season”. Not just a date on the calendar or a holiday in December. It’s always the

Black Friday

John BrodeyBLACK FRIDAYWhat a terrible name for anything unless it is a catastrophic stock market crash. A financial disaster is rather ironic inspiration for a

Express Yourself

Star Power EXPRESS YOURSELF Do you have great ideas, but nobody’s listening? Are you a problem-solver? Are you a leader? Do you care about things,

In ? We Trust.

• John Brodey In ? We Trust. The real question is not about who we trust but rather about who we should trust. Trust has

Who are Rotarians

By: Star Power WHO are Rotarians? Did you know Rotarians come from all walks of life – every nationality, religion, size and shape, every profession

It’s Getting Better

•John Brodey It’s Getting Better Yes, it’s getting better all the time, as the Beatles once sang. Most of us would agree that while the

Rotary and Beavers?

•Star Power ROTARY AND BEAVERS? If you’ve been reading this column for a while, you might have gotten the idea that Rotary is sort of

More of Same?

•John BrodeyMore of Same?It sure feels that way. While we all wait for the end of the pandemic and a more complete return to normalcy,


Star Power “ROTARY? WHA?” (that’s “What” in adult-speak), I asked, 11 years ago.I was shooting a few games of pool with a friend and, after

The Power of One

•John Brodey In an increasingly globalized world, it is even harder to imagine one person really being able to make a difference. As the VOM

Who Needs Kotter?

John Brodey That’s right, WELCOME BACK is the operative phrase. Vinny and the Sweathogs have come and largely gone but here we are celebrating the

Ch – Ch -Changes

•John Brodey Well, it’s that time of year again as we get ready for a changing of the guard at the VOM Rotary Club. The

Smokey Says

John Brodey Smokey Says: It is unsettling to see our fire season now begin even earlier than ever before.This topic is on top of everyone’s

Let’s Eat

•John BrodeyLet’s EatWell, it’s been quite a while since anyone has stopped in the Quail Inn for a drink, but that is about to change.

Money for Nothing

John Brodey Here we go again. Maybe it is the tax season that makes it seem as though I’m preoccupied with money. But in my