Ukulele Lessons

Still space left in beginner ukulele tutorials starting March 11 Good news for anyone wishing to learn how to play the ukulele. There are still


The Oakmont Ukesters welcome players at all skill levels to join us in playing selections from the large and growing collection of songs on our

Beginner Ukulele Tutorials

The Oakmont Ukesters will resume in-person beginner tutorials on Friday, January 14, at 10:00 am. To register contact Florentia Scott, (707) 591-1929, or email

The Oakmont Ukesters are back

Some went online to make music together, though only one person could be heard at a time while others sang and strummed along. Others stayed home and practiced by themselves. Some didn’t practice at all and got a little rusty. But now they’re all back together, singing and strumming songs from an impressive collection that just kept growing throughout the pandemic.