AV (Audio/Visual) Equipment Manual

NOTE: The link below will provide a downloadable & printable version of this manual, but we advise against printing this manual as it likely will receiving ongoing updates. A hard-copy version of this manual will be available at the Berger Center and East Rec Center, and those hard copies will be replaced as updates are added. Likewise, if you’d like to keep a digital version, we recommend bookmarking this page which will always contain the latest revision of this manual.

Click here for a printable / downloadable version of this document with clickable bookmarks & table of contents.



Firewise Assessment Request

This form is used to request Firewise Assessments of your property. Submissions are sent to firewise@oakmontvillage.com.

Updates for Service Providers

This form is directed towards service providers working in Oakmont Village. Subscribers will receive updates from OVA on our architectural and landscaping policy changes and recommendations.