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Do you think your partner/ spouse might have hearing loss? It would not be much of a surprise if s/he did – 48 million American have a significant hearing loss. For people over 65, 50% have hearing loss.
We are resurrecting the HEARS club, which is designed to help you cope with this increasing and bothersome issue. The HEARS club strategies are to:

  • Conduct informational meetings on hearing issues and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Publish articles on hearing related issues in the Oakmont News
  • Distribute information on hearing issues
  • Help Oakmont meeting and activity leaders to achieve healthy hearing environments, e.g., Captions
  • Advocate for improved OVA facilities and services including audio systems, room acoustics, and arrangements.
  • To get started we are re-creating the email list.
    Please send your name(s) and contact information (first and last name, email required, phone and address optional) to
    We need a few people to help with organizing the club. Let us know if you’re willing to spend some time helping.