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The Oakmont Hiking Club started nearly 50 years ago in 1972 as a loosely knit group called
“The Nature Walkers”. Today we have well over 100 members and we hike every Thursday morning, meeting at the Berger Center parking lot, then driving or car-pooling to the destination. Twice a year we have a three night out of town trip, staying in a hotel and hiking the surrounding area each day.

Hiking Categories

Short Hikes are 2 to 4 miles in length with minimum elevation gain on good surfaces at an easy pace, always on the first Thursday of each month.
Intermediate Hikes are 4 to 7 miles in length, up to 1000’ elevation gain on a variety of trails and surfaces.
Long Hikes are 6 to 11 miles in length with up to 2000’ plus elevation gain on all types of trails and surfaces.

A current schedule of the hikes including destination, trail conditions, and date can be found on the club website at 
Please join us!