January 16 Board of Directors Meeting Summary

  • Michael Connolly

Board President Gloria Young announced that Rob Lenahan stepped down from the position of treasurer.  She thanked him for his service.  Director Carolyn Bettencourt, who, Young pointed out, has extensive financial background as a business owner for 30 years, was appointed as treasurer through the end of March by unanimous vote.

Facilities Manager Rick Aubert reported that all OVA facilities are now open.

Landscape Improvement Committee Chair Marianne Neufeld reported on the recent installation of cobblestones and removal of pear trees in the medians along Oakmont Drive. The trees were infected with pear blight.  She stated that Aubert and tree contractor True North made the decision without consulting the committee and that in the future a new policy would be instituted for such decisions.

Director Ken Heyman made a motion to prioritize the Berger Center seismic retrofit and have it managed by General Manager Kevin Hubred.  After lengthy discussion the motion passed 5-2, with Directors Young and Connelly voting no.

Director Lynda Oneto reported that there have been two workshops since the fire and evacuation related to recovery and coping.  Two Sonoma County behavioral therapists suggested many tools for coping in the wake of the wildfire at the December 12 workshop.  A support group is forming and details will be made available.

Berger Action Committee members Claudette Brero-Gow and Bob Jackson resigned from the committee during open forum citing conflicts with board directors.

Resident Paula Lewis provided an update on the status of the polo field availability for dog owners.  Karen Trione has removed the garbage cans for dog waste, no parking will be allowed in the adjacent lot after 8:00 am, and no trespassing signs have been placed on the property.  Lewis said she anticipates that very soon all access to the field will be denied.

Director Oneto nominated Ethan Wilson Clifton for membership on the Reserve Study Committee.  A motion was approved 5-1-1 with Connelly abstaining and Young voting no.

Director Karen Oswald nominated John Blevens, Kay Nelson and Karen Palmiotti as members of the Central Park Committee.  All were approved unanimously.  She also made a motion to approve funds not to exceed $3100 to repair the cement walk that leads from the Berger Center and CAC to the OVA Office.  The motion passed unanimously.

The Oakmont Dog Club requested recognition by the OVA.  They hope to explore the process of creating a dog park in Oakmont.  (Further coverage will be included in the next issue of the Oakmont News.)

Berger Action Committee member Art Fichtenberg said at the end of the meeting that he was currently prepared to make a presentation on the committee’s findings as to options for remodeling the Berger Center or tearing it down and building a new center. The board thanked him and added this item to the agenda for the February 6 business meeting.