2022 Board Candidate Statement

I’ve loved Oakmont since my mom moved here in 1997. I followed in 2017. I’m a California native, naturalist and geologist. My career included geophysics, environmental geology, risk management, and communications.

In 2021, I was appointed to a vacated seat on the OVA Board. I’m active with our Facilities Reopening, Firewise, Architectural, Emergency Preparedness, Movies, Sunday Symposium, Technology Learning Center, and Energy Resiliency groups.

Some big issues:

‐      A new GM who can lead an effective OVA staff team.

‐      Firewise is critical to our mutual safety. The goal: Coffey Park – never again!

‐      We should be in no hurry to retire or replace the Berger Center. Maintain all our facilities, but plan and budget for what comes next and know that nothing lasts forever.

‐      I was an early public voice for buying the golf courses. Under the worst outcome, we’d now be fighting their development, just like the SDC. I’m happy if the golf courses are successful and stay green, even happier if they’re very successful and reduce our dues!

‐      We can do emergency response better. When a school, office or facility has a problem, you muster to a safe place and dismiss people in an orderly way. When Oakmont is threatened, we race for the exits and dangerous gridlock ensues.

‐      Energy resiliency. I have rooftop solar, and a heat pump and I support decarbonization. The solar panels in our parking lots are a step in the right direction. However, we value our green spaces and I do not support filling them with solar panels. Balance…

I approach issues by gathering knowledge, stakeholder, and expert opinions, assessing risks and opportunities, and building consensus around best options. I won’t waste money, yours, or mine.

Boy Scouts taught me servant leadership. Thank you for your vote!


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