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The Petanque Club of Oakmont invites you to play the French game of Petanque. Petanque rules of play are similar to the Italian game of Bocce, in which players try to get closest to a small ball, the cochonnet (pallino in Bocce). Petanque is played on an open rather than a bordered court, is more a throwing game than a rolling game, and is played with smaller, metal ‘boules.’

Petanque is easy to learn, and we always have extra boules. It is not necessary to call anyone to say whether you are playing or not. Just show up at 9:45 a.m. on the designated Club play days of Wednesday and Saturday, when we divide into random teams and play. We will be delighted to introduce you to the game and if you enjoy it, joining the Club is easy – just sign up to be listed on the roster. No membership fees are required. The courts are also reserved for Club and open pick-up games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10 AM for those seeking additional play times. The Petanque courts are located in the Central Activities Complex next to the OVA maintenance building between the Berger Center and the OVA offices and you can park in the small lot off Oakmont Drive behind the Umpqua Bank.

Petanque Courts – Central Activity Complex off Oakmont Drive
Designated Club Play Days:
Wednesdays & Saturdays:
Meet at 9:45 AM & Play at 10:00 AM
Additional Open and Pick-up Play:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:
Meet at 9:45 AM & Play at 10:00 AM

Contact Information:
Max Hinchman, Chair
Phone: 583-7669
Don McPherson, Assistant Chair
Phone: 724-388-0588