Homes at Oakmont

Oakmont is a premier active adult community in Northern California. The first Oakmont home was built in 1964. A year later the 100th sale was recorded, and today there are more than 3200 homes. Founder and developer H.N. Berger envisioned a destination with characteristics more akin to a small town than a typical retirement community. The wide variety of Oakmont homes were artfully and thoughtfully constructed on 1,000 acres in the Valley of the Moon and remain in high demand today. Independent and assisted living are also available in Oakmont Gardens.

Finding The Perfect Home

Whether you prefer a home on the golf course, a secluded hillside or a quiet cul-de-sac, Oakmont has something to suit your taste and budget. Choose between areas where properties are maintained by a homeowners association, or an owner-maintained area.

Single family homes range from cozy cottages to stately hillside villas, with average prices of $350,00 to $1.4 million. Fourplex units, triplexes and duplex homes also are available. Many homes have been updated and modified to offer the latest in design and convenience. Options include new patio homes at The Orchard, where buyers can choose from three different models, and The Meadows, Oakmont’s newest development, features homes up to 2400 square feet. Oakmont homes are sold by real estate firms or by owner. Agents are knowledgeable about Oakmont properties and association benefits and requirements.

Buying a Home in Oakmont

Before buying a home in Oakmont, understanding the governance structure and how the Oakmont Village Association operates can be helpful in making your buying decisions.

Oakmont Village Association (OVA)

Oakmont consists of 3,208 homes (approximately 4,800 residents), all of which come under the purview of the Oakmont Village Homeowners Association (OVA). The OVA is governed by a board of seven volunteer directors, elected by the homeowners of Oakmont. Each home has one vote.

The OVA is a master homeowners association (HOA). All homeowners in Oakmont must adhere to OVA guidelines, which are provided in the form of bylaws, conditions, covenants and restrictions (CC&Rs) and Articles of Incorporation. Oakmont homeowners are expected to abide by these regulations and requirements, so review them carefully prior to purchase.

California HOAs are governed by law known as the Davis-Stirling Act. To learn more about this law click here.

Through its Board of Directors, the OVA manages and maintains a variety of amenities available to Oakmont residents, including swimming pools, library, cardroom, tennis and pickleball courts, fitness center, exercise rooms, locker rooms, computer lab, bocce court and more, spread among three recreational centers. Oakmont’s social gathering place, the Berger Center, is the site of parties, concerts, movies, lectures and other events. The OVA also supports about 130 Oakmont clubs (to find information about individual clubs click here) and a free-to-residents shuttle service that provides transportation around Oakmont and to local shopping. Day-to-day operation of the OVA is provided by a small paid professional staff, which serves at the pleasure of the OVA Board.

To operate Oakmont, the OVA Board of Directors levies dues and assessments to ensure facilities can be properly maintained and reserve accounts properly funded.

Association dues are $106 monthly per person as of 2022

. Under California law, association boards like Oakmont cannot increase dues more than 20% per year or levy special assessments without approval by a community vote.

Oakmont homes are either “owner-maintained” or “association-maintained.” These assignments come with the home; you can’t change an owner-maintained home to an association-maintained home, or vice versa.

Owner-Maintained Homes

For owner-maintained homes, as the name suggests, owners are responsible for all painting, landscaping and other maintenance associated with their homes and private yards. Homeowners of these homes have more control over their home and yards, but have the same homeowner maintenance responsibilities as owners of homes in a typical residential community. The must comply with the Architectural Office (AC) guidelines and restrictions set by the OVA.

Association-Maintained Homes and Sub-Associations

There are 37 sub-homeowner associations in Oakmont, accounting for 1,397 (44%) of Oakmont homes. These associations range in size, from as few as three homes to as many as 100.

In addition to OVA guidelines, homeowners in association-maintained areas (i.e., those in SAs) must adhere to additional guidelines, provided in the form of bylaws and CC&Rs specific to each SA. During the escrow process, each buyer is provided with these SA governing documents and financials.

Each SA has its own volunteer board, usually consisting of three members, though some have five. Most also use hire professional service companies to help with financial services and, sometimes, management responsibilities.

Independent and Assisted Living

Oakmont Gardens, which is independently owned, offers independent and assisted living in a beautiful campus style setting. It is an “all inclusive” style of apartment living which includes three meals per day, weekly housekeeping, weekly laundry, transportation, activities, outings and the OVA amenities. Apartment living includes one- and two-bedroom independent units. Shopping, hair salon and barber shop and many activities, such as concerts and clubs, are located on site at the complex. Fully supported assisted living services are also available to meet the individual needs of residents.

Garden residents are members of Oakmont Village Association and have access to all facilities, clubs and services conveniently located near the Oakmont main Activities Center…. Learn More.

Real Estate Listings

Prospective home buyers will find plenty of options and styles in Oakmont. Most homes are single story and provide Sonoma’s famous indoor-outdoor living environment. All Oakmont homes are sold by real estate firms or by owner. Local real estate firms can help buyers find a home to meet their needs. We recommend seeking local realtors out on a search engine such as Google or Bing.