Highlights of Member Comments at Golf Town Hall

The following partial statements are representative of comments made at the Open Forum  at the community meeting on the Oakmont Golf Club. The Open Forum occurred after a panel discussion addressing questions and solutions submitted by members prior to the meeting. A video of the meeting will be available online at oakmontvillage.com/videos/.

Julie Cade —In other states and other situations where home owner associations who do not own golf courses (but) have charged homeowners associations for dues or fees that go to the golf courses, those have been challenged in court, and courts have ruled in favor of homeowners. I would challenge our board to walk very carefully …

John Felton — We don’t need dissention. We’re here to solve this problem as a community, working together without throwing rocks at each other. I don’t think its right to make it mandatory to pay dues to support the golf courses. I do support an independent vehicle … to be applied so we can make voluntary contributions to keep them in good shape and to benefit all of us.

Bruce Bon — Based on the glowing projections of the future of the (golf) industry ,… as presented today, I don’t  see why OGC would even approach OVA. I think it is a way of creating dissention … and it’s forcing you on the board to address an issue that needn’t be there at all when you have so much more serious issues to address.

Iris Harrell — To sum tonight up: 225 acres of open space for $60 a year per person at Oakmont. Our real estate value and quality of life are at stake. … We need to support and encourage the board to find a solution. It is a priority for Oakmont.

Kathleen Tindal— I keep hearing about $5 a person. I keep wondering why there hasn’t been any discussion about $5 per household) … this seems like a generous compromise. (Response from Panelist Cook:  Bylaws require dues be collected from individual members.)

Marty Behr— I generally supported the idea of helping out with the OGC and suggest using the golf course as walking paths in the last two hours.  (Response: new rounds would have to be halted two hours before that time to make it safe for residents to walk).

Lynda Oneto —  Any board decision to support the OGC is irresponsibly premature.  …Would OVA lose its tax exempt status?  Any OGC financials must be vetted by an independent  auditor and residents be able to see the summary. OVA’s financial health is unknown at this time … and very costly renovations need to be funded.  If you’re asking for our money, you must disclose financials to the membership. That’s just the bottom line.

Sue Brown — I think we need to focus our attention on revenue streams… and include maybe even selling the Quail Inn to a bonafide restaurateur who really knows how to run a successful restaurant business.

Bob Chapman — Coming here tonight I was really interested to see what the story was going to be. And why we should be involved in this process.  … For me to pony up the10 bucks a month …I need a reason to do it. I need you to say,  ‘If you give us the money here’s what’s going to happen. If you don’t, here’s the downside to it. I didn’t see that happen tonight and for me to be involved, I’m going to have to have that kind of information.

John Williston — Things we will ultimately decide on have to do with not only what happens over the next three years but this as a community.…It lasts a lot longer than we do, and there are long range consequences to some of the things that we might decide. …We need a long range planning committee. We would make a fundamental change in the character of Oakmont if we were to let the golf courses go.

-Compiled by Jim Brewer and Jackie Ryan