Brief Stories from the June OVA Board meeting

            Open Forum: The format for member comments during board meetings was changed. There will now be a period at the start of meetings for open forum comments on items not on the agenda. Formerly, all subjects were open for comment in an open forum mid-way in meetings.

The new format provides for member comment after director discussion and prior to voting on committee reports, unfinished and new business agenda items.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Director Tom Kendrick said during a discussion. “I don’t see it working,” Director Carolyn Bettencourt declared.

Director Al Medeiros recalled changes were made in the open forum format last year and “it didn’t work out too well; we had some 4 and 5 hour meetings.” The new plan is different, and Medeiros voted in the 4-2 majority to give it a try. Directors Bettencourt and Greg Goodwin were the “no” votes.

            Facility Policy: Voted unanimously to formalize OVA’s exclusive right to determine which groups will meet in which of its facilities, noting that organizations vary over time in how many people attend their events.

          Fire Safety: Voted unanimously to establish a Fire Safety Committee whose work will include opportunities for fire risk reduction to create a “firewise” community. Approved as members Patricia Dolan, Julie Cade, Brenda Steele, Warren Bowers and Dan Milhollin.

CETC: A Community Education & Transparency Committee was established by unanimous vote, to recommend ways the board can educate itself about concepts and opinions important to the community. The first two members, Osha Hayden and Sue Aiken, were appointed, with more to come.

Veterans and First Responders: By unanimous vote, established a Vetrerans Day & First Responder Event ad hoc committee and appointed Bob Cortel to the committee.

Communications: Approved unanimously a new Communications Committee charter and publications policy, superceding previous policies including one on social media, and appointed Julie Kiil as a new committee member.

OEPC: Unanimously appointed Kay Oppenheimer to the Oakmont Emergency Planning Committee.

Berger: Approved a $28,910.20 contract with Nordby Construction for seismic strengthening of the corners of the Berger Center building.

Sheep: Sheep used to chew away tall grass did the job for about $9,000, General Manager Kevin Hubred reported. That compares to as much as $20,000 for manual labor by humans clearing the grass.