OVA Director Goodwin Resigns

Staff Report

OVA Director Greg Goodwin resigned on Oct. 16, setting up a search to find a replacement in time for the Nov. 13 board meeting.

Goodwin, who was part of a slate elected to the board in 2017 at the height of the pickleball controversy and would have been up for re-election next spring, offered no public explanation for his decision to step down. His departure leaves Director Carolyn Bettencourt as the last member of the slate that also included former board presidents Ellen Leznik and Ken Heyman.

​His letter of resignation was not made public by the board, and he declined comment.  A version of his letter was later posted on social media. It said he could not “continue working with the majority of this Board who have an agenda of gentrification to increase attraction by people with higher incomes which can lead to displacement of people who have lived here for many years. Oakmont was never intended to be a “premier” community.  It was to be affordable living for active adults.”

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​Board President Steve Spanier said in a statement in response “It is irresponsible, blatantly untrue and, frankly, baffling to suggest this board plans to gentrify Oakmont. The board is working with the community to understand and address the nature of economic influences in a way that ensures Oakmont remains a relevant and desirable place, where both present and future residents come to live and enjoy their lives here.”

​In announcing Goodwin’s resignation at the Oct. 16 board meeting, Spanier said, “I want to thank Greg for his service to the community. We are all in debt for the many hours he has spent working for the community.”

In his letter to Spanier, Goodwin stressed that he had “always based my decisions and voted with my original pledge to always keep three things uppermost in mind: safety of the community; budget (fiscal responsibility); and service ensuring that our recreational facilities were properly maintained and upgraded.”

But, he said,  “I became aware that it is now time for me to leave because I realize that while being in the arena is an achievement, it is a hollow experience when I have little or no Board influence and cannot make a difference in the direction Oakmont is heading. I wish this Board well in its future endeavors.”

Oakmont governing rules require a special election to be held if the board does not appoint a replacement member within 30 days. “We want to encourage everyone who might be interested in being appointed to the remainder of Greg’s term to put together a resume and submit it to the OVA general manager, Kevin Hubred,” Spanier said. He said several residents had already applied.

Applicants may submit up to November 1 at 5pm.