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Lawn Bowling is a sport that originated in ancient Egypt and was very popular more than 900 years ago in Europe. Mr. Berger, the developer of Oakmont, constructed the Oakmont bowling green in 1963. A club for Oakmont residents was formed, and in 1965 the green was dedicated by the Northern California Lawn Bowling Association.

Along with the comraderie, a bowler increases eye-hand coordination, focus and concentration, the strengthening of legs and arms, which helps us keep healthy and young. The club instructors give free lessons all year, at a person’s convenience. There are information brochures located on the light pole in front of the green.

Our daily draw games are at 12:30 PM, or on hot summer days, they begin at 9:30 AM. If you come to watch, we are a friendly group and will be happy to answer questions.

You may see club members wearing white clothing when playing in an intra-club tournament. This follows an old universal Lawn Bowling tradition. For regular play, there are no special requirements, but please wear flat-soled shoes.

The club has many social activities through out the year. We also have frequent social meetings once a month to keep members up to date on activities and have a chance to welcome new members.
Meeting Details:

Daily at the Lawn Bowling Green, next to the Central Activities Center
12:30 PM or 9:30 AM during the hot summer.
Contact Information:


Tony Lachowicz: 888-1430

Frank Gyorgy: (415) 850-4876

Mary Blake: