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Women's Singles Tournament (photo by Topher Gayle)
Women's Singles Tournament (photo by Topher Gayle)

By Mary Blake

Lawn Bowling is a bit like bocce, but it’s played on grass with a ball that’s called a “bowl” and isn’t quite round and doesn’t roll quite straight. That sounds tricky but it makes the game more interesting.
If you’ve thought about giving it a try, send us an email at oakmontlawnbowling@gmail.

OLBC needs two volunteers for Oakmont’s Join-a-Club Night. The event is Thursday, October 13, from 6 to 7:30. It’s an fun event. You sit at a table and tell people about lawn bowling.

We tried something new by holding group lessons in response to our July Demo Day. We had mixed results. On Thursday we had 12 trainers and 2 learners. But it was a beautiful day and a great chance for all of us to get out there on the green. On Saturday, we had 6 trainers and 6 learners – a perfect match. We took 3 rinks. Bob S began with an introduction to lawn bowling. Then we spread out over the 3 rinks for more individual attention.
The club has a great group of instructors but sometimes it’s hard to have people available when they’re needed. Talk to Bob if you’re interested in being a trainer. Truth is, sometimes the best way to really learn something is to teach it.

Bowling moves to afternoons on October 1st! Be there at 12:15 to bowl at 12:30.

Men’s Pairs has been rescheduled to Tuesday, October 18, at 12:30.
Jim K won the Men’s Singles Tournament. Jim defeated James in the semi-finals and defeated Jim B in the final round. (Is there something about being named James?) Jim B is still fairly new to the game and blew us all away with his skill getting into the final round.
As I write this, Women’s Singles is heading into the second round. We had five winners in the first round (in alpha order): Bonnie, Denise, Diane, Jeana, and Pam. Diane is another fairly new player and it’s exciting to watch her play so well. And a special thanks to Marilyn G who was there to cheer us on just a day after surgery.

Besides the array of used bowls that Jim K finds for us, he has also found a less expensive source for brand new bowls. And he has new measurers available for sale. Jim tells me that they’re no longer doing tape measurers (evidently people cut their fingers on them) and are now doing cord. Contact Jim if you’re interested in either.

As summer ends, we have fewer events to talk about. Let us know if there’s something you’d be interested in seeing in this column.

Tuesday, September 13 am – Open Singles Tournament
Tuesday, September 27 am – Novice Singles Tournament
Friday, October 28 pm – Halloween Bowl/Dinner



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