Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling is a sport that originated in ancient Egypt and was very popular more than 900 years ago in Europe. Mr. Berger, the developer of Oakmont, constructed the Oakmont bowling green in 1963. A club for Oakmont residents was formed, and in 1965 the green was dedicated by the Northern California Lawn Bowling Association. Along with the comraderie, a bowler increases eye-hand coordination, focus and concentration, the strengthening of legs and arms, which helps us keep healthy and young. The club instructors give free lessons all year, at a person’s convenience. There are information brochures located on the light pole in front of the green. Our daily draw games are at 12:30 PM, or on hot summer days, they begin at 9:30 AM. If you come to watch, we are a friendly group and will be happy to answer questions. You may see club members wearing white clothing when playing in an intra-club tournament. This follows an old universal Lawn Bowling tradition. For regular play, there are no special requirements, but please wear flat-soled shoes. The club has many social activities through out the year. We also have frequent social meetings once a month to keep members up to date on activities and have a chance to welcome new members. Meeting Details: Daily at the Lawn Bowling Green, next to the Central Activities Center 12:30 PM or 9:30 AM during the hot summer. Contact Information: Website: Email: Tony Lachowicz: 888-1430 Frank Gyorgy: (415) 850-4876 Mary Blake:

Tournaments and More

We’ve had to make up for a lot of lost time and Jerry and his team packed in a lot of tournaments over the last 2 months. We also have more coming as well as a Halloween dinner, a Holiday Gala and an annual member meeting.

Tournaments Galor

We had a lot to make up for, and it’s been an exciting month with tournaments and our first social event since 2019. See you on the Green!

Join us for Demo Day

Step out onto the Green (best grass in Oakmont), roll a bowl (looks like a ball but isn’t) or two, find out what lawn bowling is like and maybe win a bottle of wine!


For most of us, it’s been a long, empty year with almost nothing on our calendars. But, finally, we’ve scheduled our tournaments and soon we’ll add social events. Check our website for the calendar of events.

Curious about Lawn Bowling?

SATURDAY MORNING DROP-INS at 9:30 Have you been wondering what people are doing on the bowling green? Lawn bowling is an easy way to get

Lawn Bowling: Join the Club

We held our first tournament in over a year. We’re lifting the mask requirement outdoors and returning carefully to the daily draw. And don’t forget that bowling is now at 9:30 am (be there at 9:15).

It’s Orange on the Green!

The bowls room is open, the benches can be sat in, we can start teaching new bowlers. And the weather is beautiful. Now’s the time to start bowling.


Have you been wondering what people are doing on the bowling green? Check out to learn more!

Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club

OAKMONT LAWN BOWLING CLUBBy Mary Blake As I write this, Sonoma County, like most of California, is in the red, or “substantial”, risk state. But

Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club

By Mary Blake We’re getting closer and closer to real bowling! Check the lawn bowling calendar on our website for draw times and event dates.

Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club

By Mary Blake In my last article, I said that every part of me (toes, nose, shoulders, pendulum of my arm) needs to aim for

Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club

By Mary Blake I’m writing this on February 9th. That’s 2 full weeks before you’ll see this in your mailbox, which means things may have

Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club

By Mary Blake SAFE BOWLING Don’t forget to bowl! It’s safe, fun, and good for you. True, it isn’t easy to bowl with a mask

Thank You for a New Year

By Mary Blake I’m writing this on the first day of a new year, January 1, 2021. Of course, changing the numbers on a calendar

Oakmont Lawn Bowling Club

By Mary Blake TO CONTACT US email: website: THE JOYS OF LAWN BOWLING There’s a light (OK, a tiny glimmer) at the end

Lawn Bowling 12-15-19

Topher Gayle Invitation If you’re curious about this relaxed, friendly game, stop by the green (next to the CAC) on any non-rainy Saturday afternoon (roughly

Lawn Bowling 8-15-2019

Topher Gayle Interested in Lawn Bowling? Email us at to arrange a meeting with a friendly person who will show you what’s what! Or

Lawn Bowling 7-15-2019

Jim Brewer DROP IN DAYS We are open for drop-in’s, weather permitting, Saturday mornings through September 30. Anyone interested in learning about our club is

FREE Lawn Bowling Lessons!

Free things are good. Free FUN things are even better! Send us an email ( if you’re interested in learning about lawn bowling. Lessons and

Lawn Bowling Demo Day May 13

Lawn Bowling is not only fun and easy to learn, it’s great exercise and a wonderful way to meet new friends. You might even win

Lawn Bowling Demo Day

Monday May 13 10 a.m. – Noon Lawn bowling is not only fun and easy to learn, it’s great exercise and a wonderful way to

Lawn Bowling (4/1/2019)

Phil Bowman QUARTERLY MEETING This first quarterly meeting was presided over by President Marilyn Garland. She runs a tight ship, adhering to the agenda that

Lawn Bowling (3/15/2019)

Phil Bowman GREEN BOOK The 2019 Green Book was distributed at the first quarterly meeting on March 7th. If you missed the meeting, you can

Lawn Bowling (3/1/2019)

Phil Bowman FIRST QUARTERLY MEETING — March 7th @ 11:00 at the Berger This is your opportunity to catch up on news about your fellow

Lawn Bowling: Annual Meeting

Phil Bowman The annual meeting was held on November 1st. Among other busi-ness, officers and directors for the coming year were elected. The club will

11-15-2018 Lawn Bowling

Mary Blake INTERESTED IN LEARNING TO BOWL? If you’ve wondered about the game being played on the lawn next to the Activity Center, drop by

10/15/2018 Lawn Bowling

Phil Bowman TOURNAMENT RESULTS Novice Singles: There was a great turnout this year. Out of our cur-rent 22 novices, 12 signed up and played! And

Lawn Bowling 10/1/2018

Tournament Results & Upcoming Events Phil Bowman TIME CHANGE: Daily draws start at 12:30 beginning October 1st. You probably expected this since you changed your

Lawn Bowling 9/15/2018

Phil Bowman GIVE-IT-A-ROLL To All Oakmont residents: Come try your hand at the sport you see played on the green next to the Activity Center.