New AV Equipment Will Offer Remote Participation in Meetings

    New audio-visual equipment at Berger Center and the East Recreation Facility will enable OVA residents to continue viewing meetings online as meetings and events are held in person again.

    The OVA Board approved at its June 15 virtual meeting spending up to $44,000 to upgrade the current A/V systems. The equipment will be installed July 2-3 by PCD, a Santa Rosa contractor specializing in audio and video system integration. The cameras will correct for some lighting issues at Berger. 

    Described by association General Manager Kimberly Rowland as “user friendly,” the equipment responds to requests from caregivers and partners of people unable to attend meetings in person who were able to attend virtually during pandemic shutdowns.

    The upgrade has the added feature of enabling organizations like Sunday Symposium and Sons in Retirement to have speakers from remote locations participate in their meetings.

    Recommended for large meeting rooms, lecture halls and houses of worship, the cameras deliver high-definition video image quality and cutting-edge image signal processing resulting in better light-gathering capabilities, sharp contrast and sharp video, even in dim light.

    Online streaming allows users to share live events like church services, lectures or meetings over popular applications like YouTube, Livestream and Facebook.


    Continuing OVA’s effort to focus on becoming a fire safe community, the board voted to spend up to $53,000 to clear out fire fuel, including trees, shrubs and grasses that have not been maintained for many years from  6.5 acres running along Woodley Place from Oakmont Drive to Trione-Annadel State Park.

    While OVA has one bid of $53,282 from True North, it is expecting a second bid as soon as the week of June 21. That bid will be reviewed by Rowland and the Finance Committee, who will make a final recommendation on which firm will get the contract.

    The work will include fire ladder pruning and removal of underlying shrubbery under trees to prevent ladder fuels, non-invasive species and hundreds of feet of Blackberry. Grasses will be cut to 4 inches or shorter. Material will be chipped.

    The move follows complaints from nearby property owners. Also the Santa Rosa Fire Department and Sonoma Ecology, noting its intense fire load, gave it a high priority.

    Iris Harrell, chair of the Firewise Committee, said it is the top fire hazard on OVA-owned property